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Off-Campus Employers

With a Federal Work-Study (FWS) award, students may work off-campus at government, private non-profit, or public around San Francisco, including:

  • Jamestown Community Center
  • San Francisco Day School
  • College Track
  • Huckleberry Youth Foundation
  • Public schools participating in USF’s America Reads program

All available positions are listed in the Student Employment Board. Students may also work at an agency of their choice. Always coordinate with the Student Employment Office to ensure the position and agency meet FWS requirements. USF must give students clearance to work off-campus before they start working.

How does FWS work off-campus?

Though students will not be working for the university, they will be considered an employee of USF. Accordingly, USF will collect all work authorization documents, distribute your pay checks, and provide W-2 tax forms at the end of each calendar year.

Students may continue working at an organization until they have earned the full amount of your FWS award. Afterward, the organization may choose to employ students directly.

Does my agency qualify for FWS?

In order to hire USF students, your agency must:

  • Be a public or private non-profit organization certified by the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board.
  • Offer a job that aims to benefit the community at large.
  • Ensure that, in accommodating students, employed workers will not be displaced or that existing contracts for services are not impaired.
  • Complete an FWS application, sign the FWS agreement, and submit additional employment-related forms to the Student Employment Office.


  • FWS-qualified agencies may advertise positions on the Student Employment Board.
  • After hiring a candidate, off-campus employers must secure work clearance and signed work authorization forms from the Student Employment Office.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Sponsoring or hiring agencies pay 70% of a student’s FWS earnings and the cost of Worker’s Compensation and employer taxes (e.g Medicare and F.I.C.A). Agencies are billed for their portion of the cost at the conclusion of the FWS assignment.

Sponsoring Students

To become a sponsoring agency, please complete the following forms and submit to:

Student Employment Office
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street, LM 251
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080