Eida Laines

Where the Head Meets the Heart

Eida Laines understood the value of service from a young age, and from childhood her career aspirations always incorporated an element of giving back to the community.

She spent her adolescence ping-ponging from the idea of being a doctor to going into law enforcement, but when she graduated from high school she decided on a different track to serve others.

Eida spent the next eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, where she saw firsthand and on a global level the importance of helping those who were unable to help themselves. Upon her discharge, she faced a familiar quandary: what do I do now? Luckily, she had enough life experience under her belt to answer that question with confidence.

Eida wanted to live in San Francisco since visiting on a family trip at age 12, and USF offered the academic programs she wanted. Her major in psychology, combined with a minor in neuroscience, will provide the foundation she needs to offer the world a different type of service, as either a criminal or combat psychologist.