Even while working, you will have plenty of time for schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and socializing. USF allows domestic students to only work:

  • 25 hours per week while classes are in session
  • 35 hours per week during academic breaks, summer session, and winter intersession
  • 7.5 hours per day

Requirements for Student Employment

Full-time Enrollment

  1. Full-time enrollment 
    Each fall and spring semester, you must be enrolled in a least:
    • 12 units, if you are an undergraduate student
    • 6 units, if you are a graduate student
    • 8 units, if you are a law student
  2. Completed I-9 form 
  3. Social Security Number 
  4. Completed financial aid requirements (if applicable)

Student Employment and Financial Aid

If you apply for financial aid, are deemed in high financial need, and are qualified for a position, you may be granted priority consideration for employment through the Federal Work-Study (FWS) or the Campus Job Opportunity (CJOB) program.

Student Employment

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