Lone Mountain East residence hall seen from the air.

Life at USF

Lone Mountain East Residence Hall


Perched on the eastern edge of the Hilltop, Lone Mountain East is a new residence hall that overlooks the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and Farallon Islands. Its two buildings connected by an aerial walkway create four separate interior courtyards, offering Dons the experience of independent city living alongside the convenience of being on campus.

San Francisco is many things: a tech epicenter, a cultural mecca, the most beautiful city in the world (in our minds, anyway). It’s also fairly small, land-wise: 49 square miles contains all that wonder. When space is at a premium, innovators have to get creative. And Dons are all about innovation. So, when we wanted to build a new residence hall in order to expand our student housing, we got creative and reconsidered how to use the spaces we already had. A parcel on Lone Mountain, consisting of underused tennis courts and auxiliary buildings, seemed like the perfect setting. When we landed on a building design that would work with the hilly topography and also satisfy our students’ educational and social needs, construction began. Lone Mountain East now stands ready to welcome Dons back to school in the fall.


  • All genders
  • 600 residents
  • Primarily second-year students


  • Two distinct buildings (four floors and five floors, respectively) connected by an overhead bridgeway
  • Co-ed floors with same-gender units
  • 4bd/2ba units house four students with single occupancy in each bedroom
  • 2bd/2ba units house four students with double occupancy in each bedroom


  • Turk Blvd., between Masonic Ave. and Parker Ave.
  • Closest dining facility: Open Door and Koret Lodge

Living-Learning Community

  • No living-learning communities currently in Lone Mountain East


  • Customer service and security desk located in each building
  • Key card required to access building and all residential areas


  • WiFi throughout building

Community Areas

  • Student lounges and open courtyards in both buildings
  • Laundry room located in each building (laundry services are free to residents)


  • Cable TV available via IPTV through WiFi 
  • Flat screen TVs in lounges
  • Courtyards with engagement spaces that include a water feature, a fireplace, and a bocce court