Summer FAQ

Thank you for your interest in the summer sessions at USF. As you begin to consider your summer at USF, please take time to carefully read through the questions below to help you understand the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take summer session classes at USF?

Both continuing USF degree-seeking students, and Visiting Students.

How much do courses cost?

Undergraduate courses are reduced by a third from the cost of tuition during Fall and Spring semesters. For Summer Session 2022, the cost per credit is $1,310.

Graduate courses vary in cost per credit. Visiting Students interested in taking graduate courses can find the cost per credit by contacting the appropriate school or college (Arts and Science, Management, Nursing and Health Professions, Education, and Law).

When are courses taught during the summer at USF?

USF offers seven summer sessions: one twelve-week session, two six-week sessions and four three-week sessions.

When do the sessions begin?

Session 1: 5/23
Session 2: 5/23
Session 3: 7/5
Session 4: 5/23
Session 5: 6/13
Session 6: 7/5
Session 7: 7/25

When do students register for summer classes?

Registration for undergraduate students for Summer Sessions begins Monday, Nov. 15, 2021 (the same date as Spring Registration) and continues until the dates below:

Sessions 1, 2 and 4 - May 23
Session 5 - June 13
Sessions 3 and 6 - July 5
Session 7 - July 25

What is the maximum number of courses or credits I can take?

Students taking more than 18 credits must have authorization from their School or College. Most summer sessions are offered in a condensed period of time so scheduling classes and sufficient time for assignments must be considered.

Can a USF student receive financial assistance for summer sessions?

Financial aid is normally awarded for Fall and Spring semesters for traditional undergraduates. If Federal aid is NOT depleted during Fall and Spring, remaining aid eligible from those semesters could be used in summer.

Students whose first USF enrollment is during Spring semester may be awarded financial aid for both Spring and Summer, except for University aid, which is normally awarded Fall and Spring semesters only. University aid is institutional grant, as opposed to state or federal grants or loans.

If a student uses all of her or his federal aid during Fall and Spring, the option is credit-based loan programs for which they or a parent may be able to apply.

I am not currently a student at the University of San Francisco. How can I take a class?

As a Visiting Student. Students not currently enrolled at USF can take courses by completing a short Visiting Student Application for admission. The application for Visiting Students is currently available at

When can I apply for Summer Session courses as a Visiting Student?

You can apply until the last summer session begins on July 25.

Can a Visiting Student receive financial assistance for summer sessions?

USF does not offer financial assistance to visiting students. Visiting students’ home schools may provide aid to students taking courses as visiting students at another institution.

Are international students able to take summer session classes?

Yes, continuing degree seeking USF students may take classes during the summer. International Visiting Students may take classes if they are currently studying at an institution in the United States with an F-1 visa, as they continue to maintain full-time F-1 status at that institution.

You may also take courses as a visiting student if your United States Visa type includes eligibility to study. All non-immigrant visa holders should complete a Visiting International Student Request Form in addition to their application to verify their ability to study.

Do you have summer classes for high school students?

Students in high school are able to apply as visiting students to take undergraduate courses. As with all students, some courses require that a student will have taken prerequisite classes in order to register.

I don’t need academic credits. Can I take a course without receiving a grade?

Students can audit courses and will not receive course credits or a grade.

Will USF Core Curriculum courses be offered?

Yes, courses from all areas of the USF Core Curriculum will be offered during USF Summer Sessions 2022 in addition to required Rhetoric and Composition courses and major course requirements.

When will the Summer Schedule of Course Offerings be available?

The schedule of course offerings for all summer sessions will be available October 20, 2021.

I’m a USF student with an internship in San Francisco this summer. Can I take a course at USF at the same time?

Yes, as long as your schedule allows.

Does USF offer courses that I need to get into medical school?

Yes, we offer biology, chemistry and physics courses, the pre-health science courses required for medical and other professional health graduate programs.

Can I take a science course without taking the lab? Can I take a science lab without taking the course?

Yes, with approval from the instructor and Dean’s Office.

Are there any restrictions or limits on courses for non-USF students?

All students, both USF and Visiting Students, may find prerequisite courses, or restrictions (space limitations, major requirement) that require additional authorization before they are able to register for a class.

Will my credits transfer?

Students should confirm with their home institution whether courses taken at USF will transfer to their degree program.

When must I make payment for tuition?

Payment is due May 1 for Summer Semester sessions. Students who register for classes after May 1 must make payment immediately, or make arrangements for the University’s Payment Plan. The last date to join the payment plan for summer semester sessions is May 22. Students who register after that date will have to make payment in full in order to register.

How do I pay my bill?

Tuition charges are applied to your account when you register for classes. Students can pay their tuition using online e-check, personal checks, international bank wire transfer, or by signing up for a payment plan. Go to the Billing and Tuition page for more information.