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Research & Creative Achievement

Come learn by doing. Work with your classmates. Do research with your professors. Create team projects and solo projects, too. At USF, we encourage collaboration more than we encourage competition. Come change the world with your work — not just after you graduate but right now.  

Roll Up Your Sleeves

students creating ceramic pieces with wheel throwing machine

Break Boundaries

Our centers and institutes foster innovative, interdisciplinary, and socially conscious study around San Francisco and the world.

Make and Create

Come work in our maker spaces and our labs. Come create with your head and your hands.

Write for the Real World

Submit your essays, research papers, scientific reports, business proposals, and more. Get published in this journal of student writing.

Work With Your Professors

Our student-to-faculty ratio of 12-to-1 enables you to know your professors and your professors to know you. In contrast to larger colleges, we give you, as an undergraduate, the chance to do graduate-level research directly with professors. The results are in-depth inquiry and creative expression in areas ranging from computational neuroscience and ecofeminist ethics to acculturation’s impact on the health of Asian American immigrants.

Kayleigh Little at the Palace of Fine Arts

Kayleigh Little '22

I am currently writing my senior thesis on the effects of climate change on ground squirrels in Northern California with Professor Nunes. I cannot wait to finish, present our findings at USF, and hopefully publish my paper."

Kayleigh Little '22

Do Real Research

Show your work on Creative Activity and Research Day (CARD), an event that takes place each spring.

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Change the World From Here

In the Innovation Hive at USF, you and your classmates dream, build, collaborate, innovate. 

Student working at sewing machine in USF's Innovation Hive