Who We Are

The University of San Francisco embodies the spirit of the city that surrounds it: Sharp minds. Big hearts. Independent spirits. At USF we see you, hear you, help you — and challenge you to change the world for the better.

At USF, reason, religion, science, and spirituality are friends, not enemies. We see the world with a sense of awe and wonder, and with a thirst for answers to the world’s most complex questions.

Our Core Values

At USF, education is much more than job training. It’s about inspiring you to go forth and create a more humane, just, and sustainable world.

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Our Jesuit Catholic Education

A Jesuit education is a commitment to explore, engage, and improve the planet. Our campus convenes difficult conversations and invites diverse perspectives.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

Whatever your creed, country, class, or color, you are welcome at USF. Our rich and vibrant campus community helps prepare you to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing world.

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