One-to-One Support

  • Specialized Workshops by Department/Campus — the CTE gives special workshops upon request (if we can fit them into our busy schedule, that is! We promise to try!)
  • Peer Coaching — A confidential, peer-to-peer program, peer coaching provides a unique opportunity to enrich and enhance your teaching practice. A peer coach from outside your discipline visits and observes your class, paying special attention to three focal areas that you identify, and then shares his or her observations as you strategize effective solutions together.
  • Drop-In Canvas Sessions — these are like homework rooms. Come set up your Canvas course with other faculty.

Tips & Strategies

  • Pedagogy Trick & Treat — Around the fall holidays, faculty share quick, teaching tricks they found successful in their classrooms.
  • Topic-Specific Workshops —Examples include measuring student learning and classroom observations of teaching.
  • Teaching Cafes — Our Teaching Cafe series give faculty focused, short presentations, each about a targeted topic. Conversational in format, you'll learn just enough about a pedagogical method or innovation to spark conversation around your table and seed a Q & A with the presenters.
  • Faculty Salons — Faculty present their research and work that has a pedagogical lean to the teaching community.
  • Pedagogy Interviews with USF Faculty

Campus-Wide Conversation Starters

  • Open Classrooms — For two weeks each year, faculty volunteer to open their classrooms to their peers. This is a great opportunity to share teaching practices and generate new ideas!
  • Open Canvas Courses — This newish program is modeled after the original CTE Open Classrooms program, in which we invite faculty to explore the classrooms of their peers. The goal to learn and be inspired by example is the same however the twist is that the visit is virtual.
  • Summer Book Club — Each summer, we invite all faculty to read a single book about teaching and join us for a dinner and interactive discussion of the book. The dinner and discussion take place each August.

Small-Group Topic-Specific Development

  • Teaching Retreat — Early in the fall semester, faculty members who have worked at USF for five or more years will spend a weekend away reimagining one of their courses with the support and facilitation of the CTE and colleagues from across the University.
  • New(ish) Faculty Teaching Workshops — At the beginning of each semester we welcome a new class of faculty (and some returning faculty) with a half-day workshop, providing a pedagogical toolkit to assist in the shaping (or refreshing) of teaching theories and methods. We offer the workshop in August for new-ish full-time faculty and a workshop in January for new-ish full-time and part-time faculty.
  • Faculty Learning Communities — Our Faculty Learning Communities (or FLCs) bring together small, inter-disciplinary groups of faculty (6 to 10), who meet twice a month each semester for an academic year to address a pedagogy or academia-related problem of mutual interest.
  • Teaching Collaboration Grants — The CTE will award two grants of $1,000 each to two faculty teams (teams must consist of two or more faculty): A team of faculty teaching in the core curriculum, A team of faculty from a department.
  • Brown Bag Conversations — These conversations vary by topic as needed, according to the needs of the teaching community.
  • Social Justice Supper Club — Have dinner with colleagues and talk about teaching and social justice!
  • Visiting Speakers / Provost’s Annual Lectures — CTE invites speakers to come give talks and workshops in the spring. In the fall, we host the annual Provost’s Lecture.
  • Borrowing Library — We’ve handpicked a modest library for USF Faculty. It's easy to borrow.


  • Peer2Peer Teaching and Technology Series - with CIT — In this series, co-hosted by Educational Technology Services (ETS) and CTE, faculty members give one-hour presentations with some room for discussion and implementation on a technology method or platform used in their course. The idea behind the program is that faculty learn best from the examples of their peers, who are tuned to the nuances of using technology in learning environments. ETS and CTE identify faculty members from across the university who have found success using a specific technology in their courses.
  • Annual Provost’s Lecture - with the Provost — Each year we invite the author of our Summer Book club selection to present their work. Authors include Jose Bowen (Teaching Naked), Claude Steele (Whistling Vivaldi) and Andrew Delbanco (College: What It Was, Is and Should Be).