Engaged Learning

Congratulations to our MSN Clinical Nurse Leaders graduating class of 2018!

by USF Santa Rosa Campus

Our nursing graduates make significant contributions in their hospitals and facilities by identifying challenges and improving healthcare outcomes. For their culminating projects, they identify a fragmentation or systems problem, research best evidenced-based practices, and implement a solution while measuring performance outcomes.

Some of the projects of the Santa Rosa nurses include:

  • Implementing a Multi-prong Fall Awareness Program to Reduce the Occurrence of Falls in a Skilled Nursing Unit
  • Improving Nurses' Proficiency and Confidence in the Use of Aromatherapy for Patients in the Hospice Setting
  • Mentor-based Orientation Program
  • Pregnancy Loss in the Emergency Department: Staff Education
  • Reducing Turnover Time to Improve Efficiency in the Operating Room
  • Cancer Survivorship: Supporting a Focus on Promoting a Lifetime of Health