Congratulations to our MSN Clinical Nurse Leaders graduating class of 2018!

By USF Santa Rosa Campus Posted Fri, 12/01/2017 - 16:53

Our nursing graduates make significant contributions in their hospitals and facilities by identifying challenges and improving healthcare outcomes. For their culminating projects, they identify a fragmentation or systems problem, research best evidenced-based practices, and implement a solution while measuring performance outcomes.

Some of the projects of the Santa Rosa nurses include:

  • Implementing a Multi-prong Fall Awareness Program to Reduce the Occurrence of Falls in a Skilled Nursing Unit
  • Improving Nurses' Proficiency and Confidence in the Use of Aromatherapy for Patients in the Hospice Setting
  • Mentor-based Orientation Program
  • Pregnancy Loss in the Emergency Department: Staff Education
  • Reducing Turnover Time to Improve Efficiency in the Operating Room
  • Cancer Survivorship: Supporting a Focus on Promoting a Lifetime of Health