Sukhdev Khera

Just Getting Started

"Service, to me, is about taking time away from your life and personal issues to assist others, even (especially) when it means you might be inconvenienced."

So says Sukhdev Khera, a U.S. Army veteran of six years. For him, it doesn’t matter whether he’s volunteering at a local soup kitchen or risking his life on the ground in Afghanistan — they’re equally fulfilling because he’s being of use to those in need.

Now an advertising major at USF, he’s committed to serving his education. “Most people my age are finally falling into their role and are looking to become leaders in their field, while I haven't even started. I do feel that between the great opportunities at USF and the support of our veterans group I will eventually catch up, but I know I will have to work much harder than a traditional college student.”

Sukhdev says the skills he learned in the military are serving him well. “The military made me into a more structured person; it taught me personal responsibility and how to set and complete goals in a way that no other institution could. Between all of my classes, group assignments, and the wealth of knowledge I’m taking in every day at USF, I feel that I'm having to really apply myself in order to keep up, and I love it!”