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Advertising, BA

Come learn how to open eyes and open minds. Create campaign strategies, media plans, performance analyses, and ads in every medium. Whatever the project, your mission is the same: sell a product or service or brand — or an idea or even a revolution.

Prepare for a Career in Advertising

Advertising requires creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, business savvy, and clear communication. At the University of San Francisco, we equip you with the theories, tools, ethics, and experiences necessary to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace. We offer a unique combination of academic rigor, industry knowledge, and practical application, rooted in the Jesuit values of ethics and social justice. Yes, advertising can be ethical, and advertising can and should change the world for the better.

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Choose an Advertising Concentration

Advertising majors choose one of three tracks:

  • General: Pursue careers in advertising, media, or brand communications, in agencies or industry.
  • Creative: Become a copywriter, art director, graphic designer, or digital creative. Declare a design minor.
  • Strategy & Research: Enter roles as consultant, strategic planner, or consumer researcher at agencies and research firms.

In each track, you’ll learn practical industry processes and tools, which you’ll apply in multiple class projects. The major culminates with you selecting a capstone experience, which will prepare you to search and apply for internships and jobs.

Program Overview

Jacqueline Cimino '23

Jacqueline Cimino '23

Practical training and academic rigor prepares our students for industry.

The opportunities that the USF Advertising Program provides are limitless. From classes taught by industry leaders, to the AAF National Student Advertising Competition, to the range of internships in the Bay Area, this program has so much to offer."

Jacqueline Cimino '23

Nicolai Browne

Nicolai Browne '22

At USF I don't learn from a textbook. I learn from industry experts who bring the real world to the classroom. I feel like I'll really be able to hit the ground running.”

Nicolai Browne '22

Train with Top Advertising Professionals

Because your professors have years of advertising experience, your classes mimic the advertising industry. You learn the theory of advertising through scholarly literature and case studies, taught by faculty who bring a passion for teaching into every classroom. You learn the practice of advertising through brainstorming, collaboration, critical feedback sessions, and public presentations. All this so you can hit the ground running in your first job.

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Advertising, BA


Mon-Fri, 8:30a.m. - 5p.m.