Campus Life

5 Things to Do 5 Minutes(ish) From USF

Part of a summer series on things to do in San Francisco

by Nikita Landfield ’26, USF News

Discover what USF’s neighborhood has to offer.

  1. Realign your chakra (five-minute walk). Grab a coffee or a breakfast panini at Karma Cafe.
  2. Seize the skyline (seven-minute bike ride). Take in the view of USF from the oldest park in the city: Buena Vista.
    Buena Vista Park
    Those trees in the middle of San Francisco? Buena Vista Park
  3. Smell the roses (four-minute bike ride). Stop by the Conservatory of Flowers and step into a rainforest. Admission is free for USF students and San Francisco residents.
    Conservator of flowers
    The conservatory's design was inspired by London's Kew Gardens.
  4. Find your favorite (six-minute bike ride). Choose from 43 sandwiches at Bite Me on Cole Street.
  5. Fill your fridge for less (six-minute walk). Need groceries? Trader Joe’s is just a few blocks from campus.

    Honorable mention:
    Take a ride (10-minute walk). Rent a bike from Golden Gate Tours and Bike Rentals and cruise around Golden Gate Park, just across the street.
    Student rides a bike on a path near the coast.
    You can ride to Ocean Beach through Golden Gate Park.