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Campaign for USF

With the new campaign for USF, let’s invest in the future we want to see

At USF, “change the world from here” is much more than a slogan. Pick up any issue of USF Magazine and you’ll see stories of students, alumni, and professors doing exactly that.

There’s the student group that serves uneaten cafeteria food to people who are homeless, the alumnus whose prize-winning poetry gives voice to marginalized Pacific Islanders, the business professor who teaches students how to create companies that pay fair wages and respect the environment.

In this issue, in addition to telling stories like these, we’re proud to announce the launch of a new campaign for the University of San Francisco. It is named Changing the World From Here.

With a goal of $300 million, it’s the largest fundraising campaign in the university’s 164-year history. That’s fitting, because USF has big plans. We will fund scholarships and financial aid to attract talented students from all backgrounds. We will build bold programs, like an engineering school that will be 50 percent women and a black student success initiative that tackles systemic racism. We will invest in new spaces and buildings, like an industry-grade biotech lab and a reimagination of Harney Science Center that encourages collaboration and creation. And we will strengthen investment in the university’s endowment, providing a strong and permanent source of financial support for the future of USF.

The campaign comes as we face threats both local and global, including the plight of refugees, economic disparity, environmental concerns, and anti-immigrant hostility. The USF community can appreciate, perhaps with greater clarity now, the wisdom and strength of our Jesuit Catholic values — commitments to diversity, social justice, free inquiry, and ethical leadership. These are the values that shape our daily interactions, our chosen careers, our spending and support for businesses, and our endorsement of leaders. They’re the values that help us — and you — change the world from here.

We invite you to support the university, our students, and our cause.

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