Galina Lang ’21

Founder, BobaMate

by Arvin Temkar, USF Magazine

Galina Lang with a reusable boba tea cup

Galina Lang runs a startup that makes reusable bottles for lovers of boba, a sweet Asian beverage also known as “bubble tea.”

Lang had the idea for her company, BobaMate, while working as a boba barista her second year at USF. She developed the idea over a series of classes, and launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2019 that went viral. After the official launch in 2020, she’s sold more than 2,500 bottles to customers all around the world.

“Having to balance both school and a full-time business is a bit challenging,” says Lang, who graduates this year, “so I’m excited to take this step toward being able to work on BobaMate full-time and dedicate 100 percent of my energy, heart, and time.”