Basket of tomatoes and flowers with sign that says "$3.50 lb, big beef steak tomatoes organic!"

Taste. Try. Love.

5 ways to make the most of your farmers market

by Mary McInerney | Photos by Henrik Meng

To navigate your farmers market, follow Jean-Marc Fullsack. He's the executive chef in USF's hospitality management program, which for 25 years has prepared students to work in the food and drink industry. Here he shares tips with one of his classes on a tour of San Francisco's Ferry Plaza Farmers Market.

Three students eating raw oysters

Try New Foods

Never had a raw oyster or sliced jicama? Now’s your chance. “Educate your palate,” says Chef Fullsack.

Person holding pile of jujube's in their hands

Taste Your Way

A slice of pear. A cube of sourdough. A sip of small-batch coffee.

Pile of apples on the scale

Research What's in Season

In December in the Bay Area, you’ll find citrus, squash, apples, pears, mushrooms, and the last of the tomato crop. Remember to ask what they’ll have next month.

Person with peppers at farmers market booth

Get to Know the Farmers and Vendors

Ask questions and learn the story behind the food. Where are these peppers grown? How can I make a vinaigrette with this honey I just bought?

Person holding a bunch of sunflowers

Join Classes and Events

Pop-up flower arranging session? Hands-on cocktail class? Go for it.