Living on the Hill

Loyola Village Residence Hall

Situated on the north face of Lone Mountain, Loyola Village is a 136-unit condominium complex that offers apartment-style living within walking distance of the campus. Here mature students can begin the transition to independent off-campus living in a secure complex that houses other faculty, staff, and students.


The construction of Loyola Village was commenced in order to provide housing for faculty and staff to purchase. However, the lack of demand for these housing units resulted in the complex being repurposed as a residence hall. Opened in 2002, Loyola Village offers apartment-style housing for students who wish to live more independently. With each unit featuring a full kitchen and furnished living room area, mature students are able to reside conveniently close to campus while maintaining a more independent lifestyle. In addition to providing student housing, Loyola Village provides housing for some faculty, staff, and guests of the university. Nestled on the north side of Lone Mountain hill and painted with vivid colors, Loyola Village is a picturesque community.

Facts and Amenities


  • Students turning 21+ by May 
  • Male and female residents


  • Four floors
  • One-, Two-, and Three-bedroom units available
  • Bedrooms are double occupancy (Two residents per room)
  • Townhouses available to graduate students
  • Type One Double Room: A shared double room in a 3bedroom/2bath unit where the bedroom is smaller than 130 sq ft.
  • Type Two Double Room: A shared double room located in a 2bedroom/1bath unit or any shared studio unit, or any double room that is larger than 130 sq ft and smaller than 150 sq ft.
  • Type Three Double Room: A shared double room that has a bathroom dedicated to that room or is larger than 150 sq ft.
  • Note that there are no "single/studio" apartments available; each unit houses at least two students
  • Each unit in Loyola Village is unique


  • Anza St., between Masonic and Parker St.
  • Located behind Lone Mountain
  • Closest dining facilities: Open Door and Koret Lodge


  • 24-hour front desk
  • Key card required to access building
  • Key card and code required to access rooms


  • WiFi throughout building

Community Areas

  • Laundry room (laundry services are free to residents) 


  • Cable TV connector in each room

Virtual Tours

Contact Info

Office of Student Housing

Mon. - Fri. 8:30 a.m - 5 p.m.

University Center, Fifth Floor
2130 Fulton St.
San Francisco, CA 94117-1045
(415) 422-6824 (415) 422-2480

Mailing Address – Building A

331 Anza Street, Unit #, San Francisco, CA 94118

Mailing Address – Building B

341 Anza Street, Unit #, San Francisco, CA, 94118

Mailing Address – Loyola Village Townhouses

Unit # Anza Street, San Francisco, CA, 94118