Our mission at the Center for Research, Artistic and Scholarly Excellence (CRASE) at the University of San Francisco is to support, promote, and celebrate faculty research, artistic, and scholarly excellence through interdisciplinary and community connections, innovative approaches, social impact, and active dissemination.


At CRASE, we seek to (1) connect and collectivize faculty to foster meaningful collaborations and interdisciplinary and holistic perspectives; (2) provide practical, in-action, live experiences that inspire productivity, innovative methods, and creativity; (3) leverage faculty strengths and expertise to promote social impact, public intellectualism, discussion, and new ways of thinking; (4) connect faculty to available resources on campus, online, in the community, and through professional organizations; and (5) increase the visibility, prominence, and dissemination of faculty research, artistic, and scholarly works.


CRASE offers faculty a variety of programs to support research and creative work. Programs include, among others:

  • Writing retreats and bootcamps
  • Quantitative and qualitative research methods workshops
  • Statistics consulting
  • Faculty Research Circles
  • Interdisciplinary Action Groups
  • Grant Writing and Editing
  • Teaching into Publication
  • Five Year Plan Workshop
  • Plan your semester

Resources For Your Support