Alumnae of the Sacred Heart

The Alumnae of the Sacred Heart Lone Mountain have a special partnership with the University of San Francisco. Join us for the Lone Mountain Alumnae Reunion Oct. 21.

Established October 21, 1921, the purpose of the Alumnae of the Sacred Heart is "to aid the religious and educational work of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in California, in particular through promoting and making financial contributions to such work and by helping, through meetings, bulletins, and correspondence to maintain the ties of affection and loyalty which bind their alumnae.

Lone Mountain Heritage Room

Thanks to the generosity of a Lone Mountain alumna and educator who wishes to remain anonymous, the charming wood-paneled seminar room on the stairway landing between the first and second floors of the Lone Mountain main building has been endowed. At the donor’s request, the room will be dedicated to the Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ) and will be a lasting celebration of the legacy of San Francisco College for Women/Lone Mountain and the RSCJ who founded it.








Students have assisted the Lone Mountain Alumnae Board in creating a boutique museum celebrating the legacy and impact of San Francisco College for Women/Lone Mountain in the newly endowed Lone Mountain Heritage Room. Their efforts received rave reviews at the October 2014 Lone Mountain annual reunion, when alumnae, RSCJ and guests saw for the first time the history of their college presented in compelling displays incorporating text, historic artifacts, photographs and memorabilia donated by alumnae. In 2014, Merrill Amos and Leah Belcner, students in the graduate museum studies program, curated the first half of the room. In 2016, Nell Herbert '16 MA Museum Studies and Elizabeth "Liz" Migueles '17, an undergraduate student in graphic design and advertising, curated the remaining half of the room.

The 2014 displays filled the book cases in the southern half of the Heritage Room and in early 2016, the Lone Mountain Alumnae Board voted unanimously to extend the displays to all cases in the room. Supported by a $10,000 challenge grant from alumna Alison Adams Winter ’68 which was matched by other alumnae, the remaining cabinets will be ready for the October 2016 reunion. Once again, USF students are the creative talent who are designing, producing and installing displays in the remaining cabinets.

Nell and Liz are working closely with Lone Mountain alumna Joanna Budenz Gallegos ’68, who will provide the narrative for the displays, designed around themes such as Flower Ball, Academic Life, and Activities. Nell noted “I am honored to collaborate with Liz and the Heritage Room Committee to develop an exhibit that celebrates the rich history of SFCW/Lone Mountain.” Liz added that “it’s rare to have the opportunity to use personal objects like these that have been so lovingly preserved to tell the story of these women’s lives and their love for their school.”

Lone Mountain Campus Enhancement Fund

In partnership with Thomas Lucas S.J., former USF Professor of Art and Architecture, now Rector of the Jesuit community in Seattle, the board has developed and promoted a visionary long-range plan to beautify and enhance the historic Lone Mountain campus. To support this effort, a Lone Mountain Campus Enhancement Fund was created and a detailed plan with priority projects was announced.

View of Lone Mountain building. Through the generosity of many Lone Mountain alumnae, a number of campus enhancement projects have been completed, including the return of carillon bells to the Lone Mountain tower, the restoration of the beloved Mater Admirabilis statue, the return of tapestries and decorative arts to the corridors of Lone Mountain and most recently, the endowment of the Lone Mountain Heritage Room to display the history of Lone Mountain, including historic artifacts, photographs and memorabilia.

Individuals wishing more information on these projects are encouraged to contact USF Director of Development and Lone Mountain alumna Polly Mullin McMullen ’68 at or at (415) 422-4340.

Heritage Circle Gift Society

The Lone Mountain Heritage Circle is a special giving society established in 2011 by the Board of Directors of the Alumnae of the Sacred Heart Lone Mountain in partnership with the University of San Francisco. The Heritage Circle ensures ongoing recognition of the legacy of San Francisco College for Women (SFCW)/Lone Mountain by supporting two projects:

  • A Lone Mountain Legacy Scholarship Fund honoring the teaching excellence of the RSCJ who founded the college
  • A Lone Mountain Campus Enhancement Fund supporting the preservation and beautification of the historic Lone Mountain campus

Board of Directors

Alumnae elect three officers and nine directors to two-year terms on the Board of Directors. They are joined by members of the President's Council, who are long-time alumnae volunteers serving as resources, providing guidance, support and history to the board.

Gael Beresford-Raven '67, President
Lisa Engstrom Seran '73, Vice President/President-Elect
Doreen Glynn Pawski '68, Secretary/Treasurer
Shirley Connolly '58, Parliamentarian
Caitie O'Shea '67, AASH Liaison
Elizabeth Francisco Thomas '67, Historian
Phyllis Kyne Abad '57, President's Council
Eileen Emerson Boles '90, Stone Ridge Academy, Director
Meagan Barry Gallagher '03, Stone Ridge Academy, Director
Joanna Budenz Gallegos '68, Director
Junko Takeuchi Ishii '72, Director
Marilyn Mathers, '70, Director
Marina Galvez McKenzie '56, President's Council
Marisa Robbins Mizono '68, Director
Virginia Murillo '48, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Director
Etienne Schier Simon, President's Council
Mary Rosalia "Lia" Whitehead '71, Director
Julie Jacklin Wolf '65, Director
Margaret Burns Ames '65, Alternate