Graduate English Language Proficiency

To provide evidence of English Language Proficiency in the classroom, international students must submit test scores from either:

The following table shows the minimum requirements for each school or program.

Programs Duolingo
IELTS PTE Academic
College of Arts and Sciences
Applied Economics, Computer Science, Computer Science Bridge, International and Development Economics, Sport Management 115 79 17 6.5 53
Asia Pacific Studies, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Data Science, Energy Systems Management, Environmental Management, Intl Studies, Migration Studies, Museum Studies, Professional Communication 115 90 17 6.5 61
Biology, Public Leadership, Urban and Public Affairs, Writing 115 100 17 7.0 65
School of Education
Master's Programs 115 92 20 7.0 62
Doctoral Programs 120 100 20 7.0 68
School of Management
All Programs 120 92   6.5 62
School of Nursing and Health Professions
Entry-level MSN, PsyD, and DNP 125 100   7.0 68
All Other Programs 115 90   6.5 68

Exemptions may be made for applicants who have studied in English speaking countries, countries where English is an official language, or where the government requires 11 years of mandatory English instruction (Norway, for example, and other countries in Scandinavia), at the discretion of the specific graduate program.

Countries Where English is an Official Language

If you are a citizen and have completed secondary school in one of these countries you may be admitted for graduate study at USF without presenting additional evidence of English proficiency.

English-Speaking Countries, Commonwealths, and Territories

We recognize the following countries as predominantly native-English speaking. For applicants who are citizens of these countries and/or have completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s degree, or one or two years or more of study (please see the school or college to which you are applying), no further evidence of English proficiency is required.

Please note: The University reserves the right to request additional English proficiency exams from any applicant based on the entirety of the application review; or, if the applicant’s proficiency in English should prove inadequate after admission to a program.