Engaged Learning

Congratulations to our MSN Clinical Nurse Leaders graduating class of 2017!

by USF Pleasanton Campus

The Clinical Nurse Leader or CNL is a master’s educated nurse, prepared for practice across the continuum of care within any healthcare setting.  The CNL was developed by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) in collaboration with leaders from healthcare practice and education to address the critical need to improve the quality of patient care outcomes.

At the completion of USF’s RN-MSN/CNL program, students complete an evidence-based practice quality improvement project.

Some of the projects for the Pleasanton Campus CNL Nurses include:

  • Improving Policy Adherence to Decrease Overuse of Antibiotics for Group Beta Streptococcus (GBS)-Positive Patients in Labor and Delivery Unit – V.F.
  • CNL as Educator in the Emergency Department: Improving Hand Hygiene Outcomes –M.B.
  • The Clinical Nurse Leader as Outcomes Manager in the Emergency Department: Redesigning the Triage Process to Reduce the Left-Without-Being-Seen (LWBS) Rate – J.E.
  • The CNL as Outcomes Manager in the Emergency Department: Improving Door-to-ECG Time for Patients Presenting with Chest Pain – A.E.
  • Standardizing Triage in Urgent Care – M.K.
  • “Call Before You Fall” Implementing a Campaign to Decrease Falls in the MedSurg Unit – K.J.M.
  • The Clinical Nurse Leader as Risk Anticipator: Optimizing the Completion and Accuracy of the Code Blue Recorder Sheet – C.M.