Beyond Graduation: Keith Mincey's Journey with the USF Alumni Community

by Samantha Marquez, Office of Development Communications

Keith Mincey ’04, has actively engaged with both USF’s Alumni Board and the Black Alumni Society (BAS). Driven by a passion for community building and service, Mincey shares insights into his motivations and the positive changes he has spearheaded through both projects.

Keith Mincey profile
Keith Mincey '04.

Can you share with us the motivations behind your active involvement with USF’s Alumni Board and Black Alumni Society?

I am very proud of the degree I earned at USF, and when the USF [alumni office] approached me about becoming a Black Alumni Society Board member, I felt the opportunity I had been searching for. I want to provide distinction, diversity, and representation to the USF school body,  and in the process, help build community among our Black alumni, support our Black faculty and staff, and our Black-identified students.

As you approach two decades since your time at USF, in what ways has your experience at USF continued to shape your life post-graduation?

Every time I step onto the USF campus, I’m transported back to the time I attended classes. I knew what I was experiencing was unique and privileged. If I learned the material, did well on assignments, and earned my degree, I too could go on to make a positive impact in society. Twenty years later, I have the privilege of serving as the vice president of the university alumni board and becoming the co-chair of the BAS board of directors. These positions allowed me to bring the voice of alumni to the administrative body, staff, and students.

Could you share what Black History Month means to you? Additionally, how do you plan to celebrate and contribute to the recognition of Black history during this month?

Black history is such a critical component of American history. Therefore, I feel it’s important these contributions be revealed, acknowledged, and celebrated. Many contributions of Black Americans have been left out of traditional history books, so it’s incumbent upon us to search out that history and share it with the wider community so this knowledge can be passed onto future generations.

I plan to celebrate Black History Month by participating in a BAS/USF-sponsored event where Black faculty and staff are honored for their contribution to USF, its students, and for helping to build a stronger and more resilient community.

What do you believe are the compelling reasons for individuals to join and actively participate in BAS?

BAS operates in collaboration with USF to generate and sustain lifelong feelings of connectedness between the university and Black-identified alumni.

The most compelling reason for individuals to join and actively participate in BAS is to build a strong and vibrant community that works to build durable bonds. Prospective members have an opportunity to help shape the future of Black-identified students, as they are looking for members of their cultural community to help guide them toward achieving their life goals.

Could you shed some light on what the board does and how its activities contribute to the broader USF community?

The purpose of the USF Alumni Board is to help connect USF alumni with the university and its mission. The alumni board of directors serves as a voice of the USF alumni community which includes tens of thousands of USF alumni. We promote opportunities that give alumni the chance to engage with students through events, mentorships, lectures, and philanthropic efforts. The alumni board also takes feedback from USF alumni and passes it on to USF’s administrative body so their voices are heard.

What message or encouragement would you give to fellow alumni who may be considering getting involved but are unsure where to start?

If you are a graduate of USF, I wholeheartedly invite you to become an active participant in the USF community. When the community comes together, we can accomplish great things — for ourselves, our community, and the world at large. There’s a reason why USF’s motto is “Change the World from Here.” We can impact the world in a very positive way.

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