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USF Hospitality Students Attend 3rd Annual USF Hospitality Management Student Industry Exchange Event

This year, we had six unusually talented USF Hospitality Management (HM) student managers in the class who, as a team, worked together to plan every detail.

by K.O. Odsather

The 3rd Annual University of San Francisco (USF) Hospitality Management Student Industry Exchange event (SIXe) was held April 13 at the Fairmont Hotel, where 100 Hospitality Management (HM) students and 12 corporate sponsors participated.

The Department of Hospitality Management’s annual signature event was planned by BUS 481 Corporate Event Project Management students during spring semester. The goal of the event is to provide students with a real-world off-campus hospitality industry experience and the opportunity to network with industry leaders.

This year, we had six unusually talented USF Hospitality Management (HM) student managers in the class who, as a team, worked together to plan every detail. The team included Christa Green, Marian Janes, Janet Lee, Marian Luk, Easton Mayordomo and Danielle Ronoa.

Their hard work didn’t stop there, by 6:00 a.m. the morning of the event, the SIXe team had already set-up for registration outside the Gold Room and the A/V and sound-check was well underway. Once students began to arrive, they helped put up signage and assist with greeting guests who participated in the Company Elevator Pitches (CEP).

“CEP Table Hosts” were companies who were given the opportunity to give 15-minute elevator pitches to groups of Hospitality Management students in a modified “speed dating” rotation, telling students why they should work for them. This educational session allowed students to get exposure to companies and learn about career opportunities. CEP Table Hosts included:

The SIXe team tackled everything from managing the budget, coordinating keynote speaker Andrew Chau, Co-Founder of Boba Guys and Tea People, soliciting a diverse group of companies from the hospitality industry to join in educational company pitches and networking, building an online app for our participants, and more.

San Francisco Travel Association
Fairmont Hotels & Resorts
Bay Clubs
Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Hotel Nikko
Golden Gate Chapter of CMAA

R.W. Smith Co.
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

This was a great year for event sponsors. The Student Breakfast sponsors included:  San Francisco Travel Association, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Bay Club and Starwood Hotels & Resorts.

The San Francisco Giants also sponsored a “Best Resume Contest” and awarded $300 to Rebecca Kinney for Best Senior Resume and $200 to Alexa De La Torre for Best Underclassman Resume. Easton Mayordomo received Honorable Mention for Best Underclassman Resume and received a $200 award from The Hotel Council of San Francisco.

Ten internships and five interviews for management positions were offered as a result of this event so far. All in all, it was a very good day for USF Hospitality Management students!

You can read more about the students who managed the event here, and by clicking on Management Team.

We hope to see you next year.

Written by K.O. Odsather, Associate Director, Department of Hospitality Management

To view more pictures of the SIXe event, go to: www.facebook.com