New Hires and New Staff Positions Announced At BPS Fall Staff Meeting

Dean Mike Duffy and Assistant Dean Carl Gayden took a few moments at the most recent School of Business and Professional Studies Fall Staff Meeting to announce new staff members, and acknowledge existing staff who are taking on new positions within the school. Below, we reproduce his exact script:

Would Elisabeth Merkel please stand?

Before coming to USF, Elisabeth Merkel was Assistant Director of Part-Time MBA and Corporate Marketing at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. This position, along with her other managerial posts nation-wide have ultimately brought her to our university as the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, equipped with the competencies to help us succeed. Welcome Elisabeth.

Would Gerardo Ureno please stand?

Gerardo Ureno’s selection for Undergraduate Academic Advisor is a continuation of his career here at USF. He previously worked as a University Evaluator and Transfer Admission Coordinator gathering valuable experience advising traditional and nontraditional undergraduate students. Familiarity with the University’s policies and procedures will lend itself to his success in the Undergraduate Programs Office. Let’s give a warm welcome to Gerardo Ureno.

Would Jason Coe please stand?

Jason Coe comes to USF with both administrative and project management experience. Originally based in Southern California, he relocated to the Bay Area and has worked with such organizations as: Academy of Art University, Art Institute of California, and the Oakland Unified School District. It is through this professional background that he has built up the important skills and expertise he now contributes as the Office Assistant for Department support for Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Modeling, and Economics [FAME] department. Jason is located in MH244. Welcome Jason.

Would LaSchaunda Smaw please stand?

With experience as business owner and community figure, LaSchaunda Smaw comes to USF with an excellent work ethic. While Vice President of the Governing Board of Jefferson Elementary School District, she worked with other members to establish goals and effectively give direction on a large scale. As the Office Assistant with Communications and External Relations, she will provide critical support for the department’s main objectives. Welcome aboard LaSchaunda.

Would Adam Stone please stand?

As graduate and previous employee of the University of San Francisco, Adam Stone has a unique working knowledge of our community. In addition to this insight, he has worked in such capacities as: Legislative Correspondent for the Office of Senator Diane Feinstein and Special Assistant for the Office of late Congressman Tom Lantos. His background has thoroughly prepared him to take on his next role as an Office Assistant in Undergraduate Programs.

Would Anne Schaefer please stand?

Many of you may not recognize Anne. She provides departmental support for Army ROTC. Her office is located in the Underhill building on Lone Mountain along with the other Military Science offices. As a Program Assistant she helps coordinate her department’s functions and affairs.

In addition to our new staff members, we also have had some promotions internally.

Would Melissa Lincoln, Logan Murray-Boehler and Joanna Woo, please stand?

Melissa Lincoln was promoted about a month ago from the Manager of Graduate Admissions to the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions.
Logan was promoted in September from the Office Assistant of Communications and External Relations to the new Manager of Graduate Student Affairs for our Professional Services programs. Logan is in a new office, MH114.
Joanna Woo effective today is now the Manager of Graduate Admissions promoted from the Office Assistant of Graduate Programs. Joanna has relocated from the 1st floor graduate program office to the 4th floor Dean’s suite area in the cubicle across from Mike. T.

Lastly, Sheila Sullivan is not here, but she was recently promoted as the Interim Associate Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs.

Congratulations to all of you!!!!

Lastly, would Bonnie Shaw, Tina Lieu and Gleb Nikitenko stand?

Bonnie’s role has recently changed. She is now managing the Department support staff within the school. Her new office is located next to mine in MH242.
Tina Lieu is now supporting MBAE admissions, working closely with Jennifer Contreras in recruiting qualified MBAE applicants. Tina remains in the Masonic Building in MA108B.
And Gleb is now assisting with the AACSB accreditation as well as the Public Administration accreditation process, supporting Larry Brewster in our quest to become accredited and Gleb now reports to Associate Dean Barry Doyle. Gleb is now sharing an office with Maurice Penner on the 3rd floor of Malloy, MH317.

I am sure all of you will do great work with your new responsibilities.

In addition to the new staff members, promotions and changes in responsibilities, there also have been some recent office relocations. Christina Teller and Kristen Kaefer in our MBAE and MGEM student services area under Danielle Glynn, have moved from the 4th floor to MH107 which used to be the vending machine area.