Transfer Core Curriculum Courses

Estimate which classes might fulfill USF Core Curriculum requirements using the chart below. Although this is not a guarantee which credits you’ll be able to transfer over, it is a helpful starting point.

  • A course must be at least 3 semester credits or 4 quarter credits to fulfill a core requirement.
  • The Foreign Language requirement CAN NOT be satisfied by completing two years of study in that language at the High school level. A score of 3 on the Advanced Placement (AP) exam can receive general credit but only a score of 4 or 5 can fulfill the foreign language requirement.
  • Second Degree Students: If you hold a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. regionally accredited college or University, the core requirements will be waived with the exception of Areas A1, D1, D2, D3, community engaged learning (CEL) and foreign language (if applicable).
Area A: Foundations of Communication
A1: Public Speaking
e.g. Public Speaking, Argumentation etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. Interpersonal Communication, Group Dynamics, Theatre 
A2: Rhetoric and Composition
This requirement is fulfilled by completing Rhetoric and Composition 250 at USF. Students transferring with one or two transferable English Composition courses with a minimum grade of C- will be placed into RHET 250 or RHET 295 Academic Writing at USF.
Must be completed at USF
Area B: Mathematics and the Sciences
B1: Math or Quantitative Science
e.g. Statistics or higher
Not Acceptable: e.g. College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, courses below Calculus
B2: Applied or Laboratory Science
e.g. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Environmental Science etc.
MUST have a Lab
Not Acceptable: e.g. Nutrition, any science course without an applied lab component
Area C: Humanities
C1: Literature
e.g. World, American or English Literature etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. English Composition, Critical Thinking & Writing
C2: History
e.g. U.S./World History, Western Civilizations, History of Native/African/Asian Americans, History of Women etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. American Government, History of California / Science
Area D: Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies, and Ethics
D1: Philosophy
e.g. Introduction to Philosophy, History of Philosophy etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. Critical Thinking, Logic, Moral Philosophy
D2: Theology and Religious Studies
e.g. World or Comparative Religions etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. Bible as Literature, Witchcraft & Magic
D3: Ethics
e.g. Ethics, Moral Problems, Business Ethics etc.
Not Acceptable: e.g. Business Law
Area E: Social Sciences
e.g. Intro to Sociology, Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology etc.
Not Acceptable: Intro to Business; Intro to Human Services; Intro to Social Work
Area F: Visual and Performing Arts
e.g. Art History/Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Introduction to Theater etc.(critical analysis, history or appreciation of the arts)
Not Acceptable: Painting, Drawing, Guitar, Music Theory, Acting (any activity based course)
Community Engaged Learning & Cultural Diversity
(May Double Count with a Core Curriculum and/or Major Requirement)
CEL Community Engaged Learning
MUST be completed at USF
CD Cultural Diversity may transfer, subject to review e.g. Intro to African/Asian American Studies, Music of Multicultural America
Language Requirements
All College of Arts and Sciences majors must fulfill a language requirement:
Bachelor of Arts (BA): 3 semesters of the same language
Bachelor of Science (BS): 2 semesters of the same language
International Business majors must take 3 semesters of the same language
There is no language requirement for all other majors in the School of Management and the School of Nursing and Health Professions.

Transfer Credit Evaluator

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See which courses you can transfer and how they’ll apply to certain degrees at USF. This evaluation is unofficial, but it will help you estimate your time on campus.

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