Students and Research

At the University of San Francisco, students are encouraged to pursue in-depth research at the highest level by taking advantage of USF's extensive resources. Small class sizes offer students the opportunity for hands-on involvement and collaborative relationships with faculty in ways not possible at other institutions. Here are some of our unique resources and ways our students are actively putting them to work.

Creative Activity and Research Day at USF

John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center for Science and Innovation

The John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center for Science of Education is the hub of environmental, health, and computer science research at USF. Faculty, students, and leading scientists all come together in its modern laboratories to study critical subjects ranging from the next generation of biofuels to the evolution of cancerous cells. The four-story facility offers labs, prep and instrument rooms, studios, and classrooms for chemistry, toxicology, biotechnology, physics, biology, computing, and mathematics. 

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Centers and Institutes

Through centers and institutes, USF brings learning to the larger San Francisco and national community. These organizations spearhead the deeper understanding of issues encompassing public service and the common good, global law and ethics, criminal justice leadership, and child and family development, among other areas. All programs and initiatives seek to enrich education, furthering scholarship and service.

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Geospatial Analysis Lab

The Geospatial Analysis Lab (GsAL) provides education and support for all geographic information science (GIS)-based learning at the University of San Francisco. Through the lab, students and faculty develop a comprehensive understanding of geographic technologies and techniques, including ArcGIS, Google Earth Engine, web mapping applications, and remote sensing.

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Nursing Clinical Skills Lab and Simulation Center

The Simulation Center gives students the opportunity to use a hands-on approach to patient care and treatment within a sophisticated, simulated clinical environment. In the Simulation Center, nursing students interact with state-of-the- art mannequins that simulate symptoms and conditions specific to real-life patients and scenarios.

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