The Black Resource Center (BRC) provides a safe, supportive space for Black undergraduate and graduate students to connect with each other and explore their potential.

With an emphasis on community and leadership development, the BRC offers engaging programs and workshops that encourage students to tap into their cultural capital and leverage it for the common good.

The BRC is located in the Gleeson Library and is open during regular library hours.

I want to emphasize that the BRC and its events are spaces created for the Black community at USF to feel welcome and supported. I have met so many awesome people during my position as the BASE Student Coordinator in the BRC last year, and I hope to meet more of the beautiful faces in our community!


Clubs and Organizations

The BRC is home to many Black organizations and clubs. It serves both as a communal space for hanging out but also a place to study with peers and organize.


The BRC seeks to connect Black identified students not only to the varied supportive resources USF offers but to opportunities on and off campus that promote Scholarship, fosters Leadership development and cultivates meaningful and impactful Community Engagement.


  • Black Wellness
  • Design Your USF Experience
  • Financial Literacy
  • Microaggressions


  • Black Leader Fellowship
  • Professional Development Fund
  • Economic Hardship Fund
  • BRC Brunches