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Since 1855, the University of San Francisco has dedicated itself to offering a daring and dynamic liberal arts education in the Jesuit, Catholic tradition. As a community, we empower and hold accountable our students, faculty, librarians, staff, administrators, alumni, and community partners to be persons for and with others, to care for our common home, including the native lands on which our campuses reside, and to promote the common good by critically, thoughtfully, and innovatively addressing inequities to create a more humane and just world.

We seek to live USF’s Mission by nurturing a diverse, ever-expanding community where persons of all races and ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, genders, generations, abilities, nationalities, occupations, and socioeconomic backgrounds are honored and accompanied. We are committed to educating hearts and minds to cultivate the full, integral development of each person and all persons; pursuing learning as a lifelong humanizing and liberating social activity; and advancing excellence as the standard for teaching, scholarship, creative expression, and service. Inspired by a faith that does justice, we strive to humbly and responsibly engage with, and contribute to, the cultural, intellectual, economic and spiritual gifts and talents of the San Francisco Bay Area and the global communities to which we belong.

Strategic Initiatives

The following initiatives are key to the University’s achieving the recognition as a premier Jesuit Catholic, urban university:

  1. Recruit and retain a diverse faculty of outstanding teacher-scholars and a diverse, highly qualified, service-oriented staff, all committed to advancing the University’s Vision, Mission and Values;
  2. Enroll, support and graduate a diverse student body, which demonstrates high academic achievement, strong leadership capability, concern for others and a sense of responsibility for the weak and the vulnerable.
  3. Provide an attractive campus environment and the resources to promote learning throughout the University:
    • Learning resources that enhance curriculum and support scholarship
    • Technology solutions to enhance learning and improve service
    • Facilities to support outstanding educational programs
  4. Continue to strengthen the University's financial resources to support its educational mission.