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The University of San Francisco Welcomes a New Logo and Tagline 

by Ed Carpenter, Office of Marketing Communications

The University of San Francisco has unveiled a new logo and tagline designed to capture the exchange of knowledge and learning in action that is the university’s hallmark.

The new tagline “Change the World From Here” is an extension of the former touchstone message “Educating Minds and Hearts to Change the World” with a call to action that is contemporary, urgent, and personal.

Here being San Francisco. Here being USF’s campus and students’ classes. Here being the minds and hearts of students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The tagline invites the university community to share USF’s mission of social justice in action.

The new logo rejuvenates the current mark and touchstone message introduced nearly 20 years ago by accentuating the university’s roots in San Francisco dating back to 1855, by underscoring USF’s mission to empower students and faculty to give back to the greater good, and by reflecting USF’s Jesuit Catholic values.

Comprised of a cross formed from arrows pointing both outward and inward, the new logo reflects the ongoing dialogue and exchange between the university and an increasingly interconnected world.

“This University, much like the city of San Francisco itself, is a place where people of every background, ethnicity, and political persuasion come to explore ideas, foster creativity, pursue entrepreneurship, and engage in service,” said USF President Stephen A. Privett, S.J. “As the city’s oldest university, we are not at the edge or in a suburb, but, rather, in the heart of this inspiring city. That is what we want in reality, not just geographically. We want the University of San Francisco to be the heart and soul of the city: to serve as a voice of reason tempered by compassion and driven by values.”

Developed over the course of 18 months with input from current and prospective students, alumni, faculty, and staff, the new logo and tagline capture the university’s engagement with San Francisco’s innovative spirit and society at large.

“As a result of this interaction, both the culture and the university are enriched – learning from one another to affect positive change in our world,” said David Macmillan, USF vice president for communications and marketing and chair of the university’s branding work group, which oversaw the logo and tagline’s development.

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