Santa and Reindeer in June? Just Another Fun Day at the Office in Sports

With the 2015 Major League Baseball season beginning on Sunday, April 5th, here is a story about one of our current students, Megan Ebeck, and a fun project she worked on with the Los Angeles Angels.

Sports can be passionate, exhilarating, revealing of an individual’s strengths and character, indicative of a nation’s culture, unifying, divisive, and so much more…yet one basic precept that pretty much all University of San Francisco Sport Management Master’s students subscribe to is that sports are fun as hell. Taking in a game may not nourish one’s stomach (especially if any concession stands are involved), but the entertainment provided nonetheless improves a fan’s wellbeing. And if sometimes that means getting a little ridiculous, who cares?

Now marketing for the Big West Athletic Conference, current student Megan Ebeck,'15, spent the 2014 baseball season as one of two marketing interns for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Major League Baseball. For a home game against the Minnesota Twins on June 25th, the Angels officially celebrated being “Halfway to Christmas”. Megan helped set the scene, which included live reindeer, “Ho-Ho-Ho”-ing Santa Clauses throughout the sections of Angel Stadium, and presumably more tinsel than anyone had ever seen in the month of June. Officially, the efforts of Megan and other Angels staff set the Guinness World Record for most people in one facility wearing Santa hats, at 30,033 individuals.