MSEM Alumna Carrie Hollenbeck Supports Disney's Sustainability Efforts

MSEM Alumna Carrie Hollenback was recently promoted to a project hire (from intern) at Disney. She works on the GHG and water inventories and recently began managing the company's waste inventory. One of her main projects this year is helping implement Disney's new environmental goals and targets for the year 2020. To do this, she is working closely with the different business units and providing them with detailed analytical reports. She writes, "I am really enjoying my time with Disney and being able to make an impact on such a large scale. It's great to be able to work hands on with so many different facets of sustainability. In my spare time, I recently started a green travel blog called Ecowander where I am sharing my personal travels, destination guides, and tips to reduce your environmental impact while traveling— you can check it out at ecowander."