Immigrant Legal Resource Center Report Catalogues 100+ Policy Changes That Have Devastated Immigrants

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA)—A new report, a collaboration between the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) and the University of San Francisco School of Law Immigration & Deportation Defense Clinic, has catalogued 100+ policies that have detrimentally affected countless immigrants.

The report divides the policies into six categories: preventing entry; denying status; taking away status; destroying due process; detaining, deporting and terrorizing; and, retaliating. The report shows the scope of anti-immigrant zeal and illustrates the hateful architecture to discriminate, persecute, detain and deport immigrants.

The immense scope of egregious and hateful policies has led to immigrants being treated inhumanely and without compassion, such as performing hysterectomies on women without their consent, and spreading COVID-19 in detention centers by needlessly transferring detainees across the country for the convenience of ICE agents.

The immigration attacks report covers the major anti-immigrant policies implemented in the last four years. From the Muslim ban to the border wall to ensuring that the process for applying for legal status is as terrifying and impenetrable as possible, the list covers policies sweeping through every possible corner of the immigration system.

“Attacking immigrants cannot be the cornerstone to set policy. Our report seeks to help people really grasp the enormity of destruction to our immigration system and see how the pieces fit together,” said Lena Graber, Senior Staff Attorney at the ILRC.

“In 45 years of practicing immigration law, I have never witnessed the type of havoc being wreaked in immigrant communities. In addition to the destruction, the heartlessness of its policies is clear, and its determination to destroy the asylum system in particular has been relentless,” said Bill Hing, Director of USF’s Immigration and Deportation Defense Clinic.

Millions of people have been impacted by these policies, which have targeted immigrants in every status, as well as US citizens. Many families have been affected by multiple attacks at once, as they see due process undermined, work permits denied, legal protections put further out of reach, and risks of detention and deportation increased.

About the Immigrant Legal Resource Center

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