Faculty & Staff Achievements

Honoring Faculty for Teaching, Research, Service

by Edward Carpenter

Administrators at the University of San Francisco have created an honorific designation intended to commend faculty who have made exceptional contributions to realizing the university’s core values.

USF Professor
A new honorific designation, University Professor, has been created for USF faculty who exemplify the university's vision and mission through teaching, research, and service.
The University Professor title is meant to recognize full-time faculty members who have demonstrated an ongoing and outstanding dedication to fulfilling USF’s vision and mission of promoting learning in the Jesuit Catholic tradition through diversity, social responsibility, and academic rigor in their teaching, research, and service. The honorific designation, to be granted infrequently, is not part of USF’s negotiated faculty title and pay scale.

“While it is expected that all faculty contribute to USF’s vision, mission, and values, the designation will honor faculty with a record of sustained and noted excellence in the areas of teaching, research, and service,” said USF Provost James Wiser.

USF’s president will name University Professor honorees, following a review of nominations by USF’s academic deans. Nominations may come from any source.