Grand Reopening: The University Bookstore and Crossroads Café

UC First Floor Renovations Open Space for Students

by Edward Carpenter »

A remodeled first floor of University Center has reopened, welcoming students back to campus after the winter intersession.

Formerly the home of student leadership and engagement and meeting space for student clubs, which moved to the UC fourth floor, the first floor now hosts the university bookstore, a more open Crossroads Café, a relocated Outtahere convenience food stop (now in the back of Crossroads Café) and expanded and cushioned seating.

“The university has been working to improve the UC over the past 12-18 months,” said J.J. Thorpe, facilities project manager. “Our efforts have been to update the caliber of the space as well as creating more space for students to study or hang out.”

The cafeteria, and fourth and fifth floors of the UC received extensive makeovers this summer with updated fixtures and furniture, fewer walls offering more natural light, and more cushioned seating open to students. Many of UC’s new student lounge spaces are open 24 hours, plus there are now double the number of meeting rooms for studying compared to before the upgrades.

The Parina Lounge, the ever-popular student hangout on the third floor, has also been given a facelift, including new lighting and touch-ups to the wood paneling.

Next up, pending permit approval, is the construction of a solarium to replace the outdoor patio and cement benches on UC’s east side that were underused because the space was always shaded and cold. The solarium, with a glass exterior wall, skylights, a fireplace, and additional cushioned seating will be reminiscent of San Francisco’s Park Chalet (restaurant) once completed, said Mike London, USF facilities director.