Four MSEM Professors and an MSEM Student Present at Bay-Delta Conference

Four MSEM Professors as well and an MSEM student presented at the October 2014 Making Connections: Bay-Delta Science Conference in Sacramento.  MSEM Program Director, Professor John Callaway, gave a talk titled: The Role of Carbon in the Development and Management of the Baylands.  Professor Callaway was also one of the student judging chairs.

Adjunct Professor Amy Merrill gave a talk titled: Expanding Rice Farming in the Delta: Significant for GHG, Water Supply Reliability, and Water Quality.

Adjunct Professor Andrew Chang's talk was titled Rapid Fouling Community Shifts in San Francisco Bay Linked to Climatic Extremes and Water Management.

Assistant Professor Calla Schmidt presented a poster titled: Novel Techniques for Assessing Ammonium Utilization by Phytoplankton in the San Francisco Bay-Delta Estuary.

MSEM Student, Natalie McNair gave a talk titled: Salmon Migration Behavior and Survival in Sacramento River- Knights Landing to the Delta.