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First-Year Students Give Back to Community

Cameron Franklin 1L, Dean Jeffrey Brand, K.C. Meckfessel 1L, and Lisa D’Annunzio 1L at the St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room.

First-year law students gave back to the community by volunteering at various events organized by USF's Law In Motion (LIM) service program on Sept. 23. The LIM program provides opportunities to reflect on social justice and equal access through participation in community activities.

Orientation Service Saturday is an annual event held for first-year students the week before classes begin. This year, groups of students led by a faculty or staff member served meals at the St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room, planted coyote bush seedlings at Fort Funston's nursery, removed dandelions at Crissy Field, and packaged food for distribution to local agencies at the San Francisco Food Bank.

"I found it to be a great opportunity to meet 1Ls and spend time outside enjoying the city while learning about the history and importance of the park," said Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Erin Dolly, who volunteered at Crissy Field. "Students expressed appreciation that the school offers coordinated service activities, indicating that they thought it would be a good way to relieve stress and give back to the community, especially after their semester gets under way."

First-year students and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs Erin Dolly taking a break at Crissy Field.

Ben Lewis 1L, who volunteered at the St. Anthony Foundation Dining Room, appreciated the commitment to social justice that USF makes by organizing such an event. "Even more impressive was the St. Anthony Foundation itself--an inspirational organization that takes on the monumental task of serving more than 2,000 lunches daily," he said. "I look forward to returning throughout my three years at USF and continuing to play a small role in their meaningful work."

Additional event photos are posted to the LIM bulletin board.