Farewell and Happy Retirement Dr. Patricia Lynch

by The Bridge Team | School of Nursing and Health Professions

The School of Nursing and Health Professions is proud to honor Dr. Patricia Lynch for her service and dedication to the School and University community during her seventeen years as Associate Dean. When Dr. Lynch joined the School in 1998, the programs were limited and our student population numbered in the several hundreds. Her steadfastness and dedication to our nursing programs, while serving as academic and administrative support for multiple Deans, has seen our expansion on all fronts including our enrollment, number of programs offered, and size of our faculty and staff. As Dr. Lynch retires from her role, she will be passing the torch of leadership and guidance for nearly 1,000 students in the Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing programs located throughout California.

Beyond her leadership designation, Dr. Lynch has served as a long-standing advocate for the students, staff, and faculty within the School. Her accessibility and mentorship has provided each of us the ability to grow in our academic and professional careers. Outside of the University community, Dr. Lynch has and will continue to show her dedication to the San Francisco Giants and the San Jose Sharks as a long-standing, true fan. As Dr. Lynch begins the next chapter in her life, we wish her all the best and will value the wisdom and lessons she has taught us all.