Global Perspective

Announcing the Fall 2016 Issue (Vol 14.1) of "Asia Pacific Perspectives"

The latest issue of the recently re-designed Asia Pacific Perspectives (ISSN# 2167-1699) has just “gone live” on the Center’s website. According to Assistant Managing Editor Leslie A. Woodhouse, “This is the first issue we have published since re-imagining the journal’s design this summer, so we are nearly as proud of how this issue looks as we are of how it reads.” The issue takes as its starting point “Bodies, Healing and Culture,” the topic of the Center’s fall 2015 Symposium of the same name. The journal is anchored upon articles by conference presenters (Dr. Andrew Goble, from the University of Oregon, and Dr. Soyoung Suh of Dartmouth College), with articles by several other scholars of the Asia-Pacific region bringing additional breadth to the topic area. The articles themselves represent original research on both historical and contemporary medical topics – from patient experiences of HIV/AIDS and breast cancer to changing ideas about birth control and diet. This new scholarship also spans the region, bringing together works on China, Japan, Korea, and the Philippines. We are excited to share this important new work with you. Please visit the APP website to read and download the articles.