Faculty & Staff Achievements

Adjunct Professor Bestowed Shanghai Award

Director General of the Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office Li Mungjun (right) presents the Magnolia Silver Award to Adjunct Professor Tom Klitgaard (left).

The award recognized Klitgaard for his “valuable support to Shanghai’s development and outstanding contributions to [our] friendly cooperation.” Among the 46 award recipients from 19 countries, Klitgaard was one of only six Americans and the only attorney.

“I am deeply humbled by the award and its significance,” he said. “My designation was guest professor, Shanghai Economic College. I operated the beginning and end stages of a unique business management training program with the municipal government, the college, and other Shanghai educational institutions for specially selected Chinese managers.”

Since 1989, the award has been conferred annually to foreigners working and living in Shanghai for their contribution to the socio-economic development and international exchange of the city. Other recipients of this year’s award include the chairman of the Board of Directors of Dell Co. (China), the chairman of Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., the chairman of Kirin Investment Company (China), the chairman of Komatsu Limited (China), the president of Sony Limited (China), and the managing director of Greater China for The Walt Disney Company.

Klitgaard teaches a course on Asian Legal Systems at the USF School of Law.