Social Justice “Radvocate”, or “Gladvocate”?

by Michael McCaffrey

Richard Greggory Johnson III and his new book
Professor Richard Greggory Johnson III gave a book talk on his most recent book, "Teaching College Students Communication Strategies for Effective Social Justice Advocacy" at the Rare Book Room of Gleeson Library. 

The book, co-authored by Robert James Nash, Ed.D. (University of Vermont) and Michele Murray, Ph.D. (Seattle University) deals with specific and effective strategies for educators to be social justice advocates and to keep the dialogue honest and free-flowing without alienating their students or other persons.

Professor Johnson led the discussion on what it means to be a social justice advocate, along with the best communication strategies to start and sustain an open dialogue in civil discourse addressing social justice. His book presents a number of practical approaches to dialoguing about social justice in formal education settings.