Silicon Valley Walking Immersion

by Wilma Kay

Silicon Valley Walking Tour Image
The Silicon Valley Walking Immersion, designed by the International Executive Programs team, took the executives from North, West, Central, South Africa, and Egypt on a “on the street” glimpse of Palo Alto’s vibrant entrepreneurial culture. The “Walking Tour” included – Google’s and Facebook’s first offices, the AT & T Foundry and a downtown café, accompanied with both lectures and company visits about innovation and Silicon Valley’s unique ecosystem. USF organized this two-day module for the Nokia African executives, as part of their worldwide educational immersion program, organized by the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS), rated in the top 50 business schools in the world. The Nokia African executives will continue on to China and India.

The International & Executive Programs creates individualized programs for students, executives and entrepreneurial groups from around the world - from Ireland, Portugal, Austria, China, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and African countries.

International Executive Programs team host lectures, company visits, networking, panel discussions, simulations with international executives
 Programs are designed from one day to two weeks with lectures, company visits, networking, panel discussions, simulations, etc. matching client specific needs.

As a part of the University of San Francisco’s School of Management, the International and Executive Programs firmly believes that fluency in global emerging business trends is essential for executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, and MBA/Science/ Engineering students. They provide unique programs for our participants to access cutting-edge knowledge and practices to start new businesses or to grow existing ones, foster innovative organizations and ultimately generate values and economic growth in their regions.

International Executive Programs team hosts international executives in Silicon Valley “Walking Tour”

The International and Executive Programs’ objective is to introduce programs to all parts of the world and to directly develop global partnerships with multiple organizations such as universities, businesses, government offices, etc. The programs’ core content is centered on innovation, entrepreneurship and globalization.