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MBA Student Kim Nevinger Presents Paper at Academic Conference

School of Management MBA student Kim Nevinger
The School of Management congratulates MBA student Kim Nevinger, who was invited to present her paper, “Localized Hiring in Chinese Multi-National Corporations,” at the 2013 Academy of International Business (AIB) Midwest conference. Nevinger originally wrote the paper for an independent study in International Business with Professor Xiaohua Yang, who subsequently recommended she submit the paper to the conference for consideration. Dr. Yang is currently helping Nevinger with her intentions to publish the paper.

Nevinger’s paper was selected for presentation by the AIB board, who felt it related to this year’s conference theme, “Relevant and Innovative: Advancing Thoughts, Theories and Practice in Business Disciplines.” The fifteen-minute presentation of her paper was given at the International Business section of the conference, before an audience largely made up of professors from business schools around the globe, as well as international business professionals. Regarding her presentation at an international academic conference, and her first time attending any academic conference, Nevinger says, “it was a great experience. I learned a lot from presenting, and from getting to see other people present their papers during the three days of the conference. There was such interesting material there, and it was very rewarding and a lot of fun.”

Nevinger is scheduled to graduate with a MBA this fall, with a concentration in International Business & Organizational Development, and plans to continue working in her current position in the Store Operations department of Old Navy. When asked if publishing the paper could lead to a career in international business, she says, “Who knows what could happen” and reiterates her interest in the field.

The AIB conference is part of the annual Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA) International Conference, held this year at the historical Drake Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, from February 27 to March 1, 2013.