Four students pose in front of a colorful mural that reads DONS.

Greek Life

The University of San Francisco's Greek community strives to provide opportunities for growth and excellence in academics, service, leadership, friendship, ritual, and social advancement. When you become a member of a social fraternity or sorority at USF, you're not only joining a brotherhood or sisterhood, you're joining a family with over 50 years of campus history.

Becoming part of a Greek organization provides college students with many benefits, such as developing lifelong friendships, gaining skills that help you become a more confident and effective leader, and joining a network of alumni who are dedicated to making your experience after college more meaningful and engaging.

Greek life changed my values on faith, friendship, and commitment to something bigger than myself."

Lauren Voss

Greek Council

Greek Council is the governing body that oversees social fraternities and sororities at USF and serves as an advisory board for the programming and standards of these organizations. Through various committees and programming, Greek Council brings together individuals from each chapter to share their ideas, create new initiatives, and build stronger bonds between the chapters.

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Parents and Families

Fraternity and sorority life provides opportunities for leadership, scholastic support, networking, community service, and philanthropy. At USF we pride ourselves on several of our most active leaders being fraternity men and sorority women. Involvement in fraternity and sorority life provides continued occasions for your student to be introduced to a multitude of other student organizations and leadership opportunities. Participation in fraternity and sorority life is a great way to ensure your student will have a well-rounded undergraduate experience.

Your student is about to embark on one of the greatest adventures of his or her lifetime. We hope that the fraternity and sorority experience will be a part of that journey.   

Your Role as a Parent

  • Take the time to find more out about fraternity and sorority life at USF.
  • Ask questions about each individual organization, what they will offer your student, and allow your student to make the best decision for himself/herself. Fraternities and sororities are different at every campus, so allow your student to choose the chapter with whom he/she feels most comfortable.
  • Remember to keep an open mind. Depending on the level and type of engagement in each fraternity and sorority, each organization’s membership will vary. Provide support to your student and encourage them to ask questions and get involved.
  • Discuss the financial obligation of membership in a fraternity or sorority with your student. The financial obligation for each organization is different. Determining who will pay for what and the limits will help your student in making his/her decision.
  • If your student chooses to join a chapter, that does not mean your involvement needs to end there. Individual chapters and Greek Council will have opportunities for parent involvement. Take advantage of those opportunities and the chance to learn more about the lifelong commitment your student has made to an organization.