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Student Housing

Housing Accommodations

Student Housing Accommodation

Student Housing and the University of San Francisco work to provide housing spaces for all students. This includes working with Student Disability Services (SDS) to ensure that any and all accommodation requests are received. Students who need housing accommodations are advised to indicate the need for a disability related accommodation by answering the question on the housing application. Students must contact SDS and complete the intake and eligibility process to request a housing accommodation; answering the question will not initiate the process.

How Can Students Request a Housing Accommodation?

All housing accommodations are managed by the Student Disability Services (SDS) office.  Students must first submit a request for services from the SDS office. The SDS website lists the eligibility process, which also includes submitting documentation and an intake appointment with an SDS Specialist. 

Students who need an accommodation for their on-campus housing must also have a submitted housing application on file. The application for housing should be completed based on the student’s classification at the university. As part of your application process you can note the need for accommodations. Student Housing will forward that information to SDS but it is incumbent on the student to work directly with SDS for any accommodation need.  

What Types of Accommodations Have Students Received in the Past?

  • ADA compliant bathroom 
  • Access to private bathroom
  • Placement to a specific building
  • Single room 
  • Lower occupancy room
  • Reduced meal plan
  • Service or Assistance Animal