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Spring 2022 continuing students: The spring housing application will be available the first week of October, 2021. The priority deadline for continuing students to receive housing is December 1, 2021. Please note that housing is not guaranteed. For more information about our housing sign-up process for continuing students, please visit our housing page for continuing students.

Spring 2022 new first-year and transfer students: The spring housing application will be available the first week of October 2021. The guarantee deadline for first-year and transfer students to receive housing is December 1, 2021. For more information about our housing guarantee, please visit our housing page for first-year/transfer students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of rooms are available?


  • Single Rooms: One person in one bedroom. Please note that single rooms are extremely limited.
  • Double Rooms: Two people in one bedroom. This is the standard size room


  • Type One Double Room: A shared double room in a three-bedroom/two-bath unit where the bedroom is smaller than 130sq ft.
  • Type Two Double Room: A shared double room located in a two-bedroom/one-bath unit or any shared studio unit, or any double room that is larger than 130sq ft and smaller than 150sq ft.
  • Type Three Double Room: A shared double room that has a bathroom dedicated to that room or is larger than 150sq ft.

Note that there are no single/studio apartments available. Each unit houses at least two students.

How much is room and board? What are the rates?

Housing and meal plan rates vary for each academic year and per room type. Amounts may increase or decrease each year as established by USF. View housing rates.

How do I make my housing deposit?

Note: Only new students should submit the pre-payment.

Your enrollment deposit includes your housing deposit. If you are assigned housing, the deposit will serve as a pre-payment for your room charges. If you are not assigned housing, your housing deposit will serve as pre-payment for your tuition charges.

Am I required to live on campus?

There is no requirement to live on campus. Students are encouraged to apply for housing between March 1 and May 1 for guaranteed housing. Please see the MyUSF Housing page to learn about the guaranteed housing policy. 

What if I require a housing accommodation from Student Disability Services?

Student Housing and the University of San Francisco work to provide housing spaces for all students. This includes working with Student Disability Services (SDS) to ensure that any and all accommodation requests are received. Students who need housing accommodations are advised to indicate the need for a disability related accommodation by answering the question on the housing application. Students must contact SDS and complete the intake and eligibility process to request a housing accommodation; answering the question alone will not initiate the process.

What are the dates of occupancy?

Occupancy dates differ depending on the housing contract signed by the student. Please view the Forms and Documents webpage to ensure you know the dates of occupancy you are signing up for. These contracts are legally binding documents that are signed during the housing application process.

Am I required to have a Meal Plan?

Students living in the following on-campus housing locations are required to purchase the meal plan: Hayes-Healy, Gillson, Toler, Fromm, Pac Wing, Lone Mountain-East, Loyola Village, Loyola Village Townhouses, and Lone Mountain-North. Those living in St. Anne’s, Fulton House, Fulton Flats, and Pedro Arrupe are not required to purchase the meal plan. More information can be found on the Meal Plan webpage.

Can I bring my car to USF?

Students who live on campus may NOT bring their cars to USF* as they will not be eligible for the USF parking permit nor will they be able to utilize street parking. Please visit the Public Safety website for more information regarding the no car on campus policy. 
*Students living in Loyola Village are eligible for entering the parking lottery for spaces in the Loyola village parking garage only. Please understand, however, that living in Loyola Village does not guarantee a parking space.

Can children live on campus?

Pregnant students are able to and encouraged to continue to live in the residence halls. Depending on availability and need, a private room with bathroom may be provided to a pregnant student. USF does not allow infants or children to live on campus with their parents. Housing staff will assist parenting students in securing housing off campus. 

Contact Info

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