Academic Calendar at a Glance

Fall | Intersession | Spring | Summer

Faculty Due Back 8/20 Th
Orientation Begins 8/22 Sa
Classes/Late Registration Begin 8/25 T
Law Orientation Begins 8/17 M
Law Classes Begin 8/24 M
Late Registration Ends/Last Day to Add 8/31 M
Labor Day Holiday (No classes) 9/7 M
Census Date** 9/11 F
Fall Break (No Classes) 10/19-20 M-T
Last Day to Drop Courses or Withdraw 11/6 F
Spring Continuing Student Registration 11/9-12/2 M-W
Thanksgiving Recess 11/26-27 Th-F
Last Day of Classes 12/9 W
Law Last Day of Classes 12/2 W
Study/Review Day 12/10 Th
Final Examination Period 12/11-17 F-Th
Law Final Examination Period 12/7-19 M-Sa
Mid-Year Commencement 12/18 F
Last Day to Submit Grades 1/4 M
Classes Begin 1/4 M
Martin Luther King Day Holiday (No classes) 1/18 M
Classes/Exams End 1/22 F
Last Day to Submit Grades 1/29 F
Orientation Begins 1/22 F
Classes/Late Registration Begin 1/25 M
Law Classes Begin 1/11 M
Late Registration Ends/Last Day to Add 1/29 F
Census Date** 2/12 F
Presidents’ Day Holiday (No classes) 2/15 M
Law Spring Break 3/7-11 M-F
Spring Break 3/14-18 M-F
Easter Holiday begins at 4:00 P.M. * 3/24 Th
Easter Holiday (No classes) 3/25 F
Holy Thursday Canceled Classes Meet * 4/8 F
Last Day to Drop Courses or Withdraw 4/11 M
Fall Continuing Student Registration 4/11-6/24 M-F
Last Day of Classes 5/12 Th
Law Last Day of Classes
4/27 W
Study/Review Day 5/13 F
Law Final Examination Period 5/2-19 M-Th
Final Examination Period 5/14-19 Sa-Th
Commencement Mass 5/19 Th
Commencements 5/19-21 Th-Sa
Last Day to Submit Grades 5/26 Th
Session I (12 week session) 5/23-8/12 M-F
Session II (6 week session) 5/23-7/1 M-F
Session III (6 week session) 7/5-8/12 T-F
Session IV (3 week session) 5/23-6/10 M-F
Session V (3 week session) 6/13-7/1 M-F
Session VI (3 week session) 7/5-7/22 T-F
Session VII (3 week session) 7/25-8/12 M-F
Law Summer Session 6/6-7/25 M-M
Law Summer Exam Period 7/27-28 W-Th
Last Day to Submit Grades 8/19 F
Memorial Day Holiday (No classes) 5/30 M
Independence Day Holiday (No classes) 7/4 M

* Classes end at 4pm on Holy Thursday; if to be re-scheduled for next Friday evening please work with Deans’ Offices to arrange time and place.
**Census dates vary by class. To find the census date for a specific class, please view the on-line Class Schedule.