USF Leadership Team

Paul J. Fitzgerald, SJ, PhD

James Wiser, PhD
Interim Provost and Academic Vice President

Charlie Cross, MBA
Vice President, Business and Finance

David F. Macmillan, MA
Vice President, Marketing Communications

Stanley D. Nel, PhD
Vice President for International Relations

Peter J. Wilch
Vice President for Development

Donna J. Davis, Esq
General Counsel

Opinder Bawa, MBA
Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Shirley McGuire, PhD
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Julie Orio, MEd
Interim Vice Provost, Student Life

Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi, EdD
Vice Provost, Diversity Engagement and Community Outreach

Jeff Hamrick, PhD
Vice Provost, Institutional Planning, Budget and Effectiveness

Michael Webber, PhD
Vice Provost, Academic Affairs

John Trasvina, Esq
Dean, School of Law

Marcelo F. Camperi, PhD
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Tyrone H. Cannon, MLS, EdD
Dean, University Library

Kevin Kumashiro, PhD
Dean, School of Education

Judith F. Karshmer, PhD
Dean, School of Nursing and Health Professions

Elizabeth B. Davis, PhD
Dean, School of Management

Michael E. London, Esq
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Stacy Lewis, MAcc, CPA
Associate Vice President, Finance and Treasury

Martha Peugh-Wade, MBA
Associate Vice President, Human Resources

Frank M. Wasilewski, CPA
Associate Vice President, Accounting and Business Services

John Koeplin, SJ, PhD
Rector of the Jesuit Community

Julia Dowd, MA
Director, University Ministry