USF Master of Science in Information Systems

Develop a competitive edge at the intersection of technology and business strategy as a working professional. Pictured: Isaac Rivera MSIS '15, Sathya Prakash MSIS '13

Become a master of information systems and develop a competitive edge at the intersection of technology and business strategy. Acquire the skills to create sound financial systems and manage an organization’s human capital.

The MSIS program emphasizes an effective use of information technology to enable a competitive advantage for both individuals and organizations. Integrated courses that highlight the integral role information technology plays in every sector will prepare you to be a successful leader. MSIS offers small class sizes and an evening class schedule to help working professionals balance their busy lives while enjoying an enriched learning environment and deeper relationship building.

Offered In

San Jose

Master of Science in Information Systems Program Overview

  • Typical program length is 27 months, with 36 credits
  • Attend class for four hours one night a week
  • Minimum of two years of professional work experience
  • Optional concentrations available in Biotechnology and Information Security
  • Offered at USF's San Jose campus (fall semester)

USF offers two MS Information Systems concentrations.

Please consult your MSIS advisor to clarify your course schedule.

MSIS Concentration in Biotechnology MSIS Concentration in Information Security
The MSIS Concentration in Biotechnology requires a total of 9 units The MSIS Concentration in Information Security requires a total of 9 credits
Required Lecture Course: The Information of Biotechnology.
Six units from the following: Local, National and Global BioBusiness; Legal, Social and Ethical Implications of Biotech; and/or One-Week Study Tours in London/ Oxford/ Cambridge; Washington, DC; Montreal/ Quebec City/ Toronto
Required courses:
Identity Management and Trust
Network Security
IT Audit and Forensics

The program has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. Personally, it was been so wonderful to go through the program with a tight-knit cohort that has now become a great group of friends. Professionally, the program has helped me define the field of IT, determine where I want to go in my career, and develop the skills I need to get there. Jayson Fagar, MSIS ‘13