Career Services

Graduate Career Services at USF provides personalized assistance and tools to help you secure internships and full-time jobs across various industries. Meet one-on-one with career counselors, access online tools for interview practice, and network with industry professionals at workshops. Get the support you need for professional success.

Graduate Career Services

Association for Information Systems (AIS)

As an MSIS student, you receive complimentary membership to the Association for Information Systems (AIS). This membership grants you access to tools, support, and resources to help you excel in the field. You can participate in project competitions, take on leadership roles within the student chapter, and actively contribute to the information systems community.

Graduate Life

Your information systems graduate journey is more than just attending classes. It’s a comprehensive experience that involves personal growth and development. USF supports you in connecting with leaders in your field, participating in enriching activities, and building a dynamic network of peers. You’ll gain critical leadership skills and invaluable insights that will help you succeed in your chosen career. This journey is not only about learning; it’s also about becoming the best version of yourself.

The Graduate Life

Cinthiya Joseph

Cinthiya Joseph ’23

Information Systems, MS

Make use of the opportunities and resources the university provides. It’s the network you build with people in the industry by being part of USF that will take you a long way in your career. Don’t shy away from showing up and connecting with people."

Cinthiya Joseph ’23

Information Systems, MS