Three students pose in front of the Bay Bridge.

School Life

Come to the city that welcomes you. Come to the campus that wants you. Bring your whole self to the University of San Francisco.

Come share your story. Come join the community in which people from every place and every background meet, respect, and learn from each other. Come speak, listen, ask, think, study, reflect, create, debate, laugh, work, play, dream, do, belong, contribute, stretch, help, care, stumble, and grow. Come explore the city. Explore careers. Work for justice. Work with neighbors on local service projects. Work with professors on global research projects. Come find your friends, your mentors, your purpose, and your future in the heart of the city that invents tomorrow.

Create Your Future From Here

Two students laugh and point at the camera on USF campus.

Undergraduate Life

Academically, culturally, spiritually, socially — college life is different in the center of San Francisco.

Graduate Life

Experience San Francisco. Reimagine your career. Become a purposeful leader.

Student poses and smiles

Courtney Cooper ’21

Public Administration, MPA

Connect with Current Student

I reached out to ask if I could connect with a current student. The response I received was overwhelming. I spoke with several students who gave me accounts of their experiences. I realized what a great community USF was and was impressed by how supported the students felt by USF.”

Courtney Cooper ’21

Public Administration, MPA

Come Change the World From Here

Like the city that surrounds it, USF offers you a culture of energy, optimism, and innovation that you won’t find anywhere else. Come study in the geographic heart of San Francisco. Come explore nearly unlimited opportunities for learning, research, internships, jobs, and fun. Come change the world from here.

Three students embrace in front of a bow and arrow sculpture in San Francisco.