With four different programs to fit your life and your career, the University of San Francisco MBA experience primes you to take on the world — from the center of innovation. Welcome to our neighborhood.

US News & World Report National MBA Discipline Rankings, 2022


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for Management MBA


for Marketing MBA

Benefits of a STEM-Designated Degree

  • Demand for talent with technical proficiency in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond is greater than it’s ever been. STEM degrees prepare students for roles in tech-driven environments.
  • Employers seek candidates who are capable of navigating complicated business problems using data. The STEM degrees provide students the skills to capture and interpret data effectively and to communicate solutions with authority.
  • STEM graduates are afforded 36 months of OPT (Optional Practical Training). This extension of an additional 24 months of OPT means that potential employers do not need to sponsor you with an H1B Visa for up to three years. The main obstacle to employment in the US is removed with a STEM degree.

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U.S. News & World Report National Program Rankings, 2022


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Unparalleled Access to the SF Bay Area

The USF MBA experience is built on, and enriched by, the cultural, intellectual, and technological resources of the San Francisco Bay Area. You’ll advance your career in business with hands-on learning just steps from some of the world’s most groundbreaking companies, organizations, and institutions.

Whether it’s Google, the Federal Reserve, Salesforce, Kiva.org, Cisco, Lyft, or Amazon, our neighbors are a vital component of the School of Management’s downtown San Francisco classroom.

Four Types of MBA Programs

  Full-Time STEM Part-Time Executive
Duration 20 months
48 credits
20 months
52 credits
2-5 years
40 credits
20 months
44 credits
Class Meeting Times Year 1: Weekdays
Year 2: Evenings
Year 1: Weekdays
Year 2: Evenings
Weekday Evenings Once per month Thurs/Fri/Sat
Work Experience Average 4.5 years
80%: 2-10 years
Average 4.5 years
80%: 2-10 years
Average 5 years
80%: 3-12 years
Average 14 years
80%: 9-20 years
Concentrations Business Analytics; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Marketing Lockstep program
Two electives
Experiential Learning Three client projects; summer internship Three client projects; summer internship Two client projects Global Business Practicum
ACADEMIC GLOBAL IMMERSION Students have studied in London, Barcelona, Dubai, Shanghai, and Santiago

People Shape the USF Experience

With many of our 40,000+ alumni serving in key roles in local industries, you will have access to the best the Bay Area has to offer. Our faculty shares industry and academic experience, and provides personalized instruction.

MBA students from diverse backgrounds form the unique USF student community, with a great range of perspectives, experiences, and traditions that are essential components of a globally-focused business education. Students will get the chance to work closely on team projects with industry professionals, student colleagues, and expert faculty. 

Change the World From Here

The USF School of Management provides a transformative learning experience rooted in the unique USF traditions of:

  • social responsibility
  • a commitment to common good
  • collaborative discourse
  • learning as a humanizing, social process rather than a competitive exercise

Whether you’re looking for flexibility or an accelerated degree experience, the USF MBA provides the intimate classroom experiences and expansive networking opportunities that empower you to succeed.